Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

From deep cleaning carpets and floors to sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, move-in and move-out cleaners take care of all the essential tasks, saving you time and effort during the hectic moving process.

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    Moving Cleaning

    Leaving your current house or moving into a new one? No matter your plans, make sure your home stays clean. Our affordable prices are here to help you out.

    Below is a list of everything we clean in your new/old home, categorized by rooms.

    Have a question or doubts about moving in/out cleaning? We are just a call away!

    All Rooms

    • Remove cobwebs,
    • Dust all sills, shelves, blinds, wall decor, and baseboards,
    • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures,
    • Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces,
    • Wipe down doors,
    • Clean windows on doors (in and out),
    • Vacuum/mop closets (if accessible),
    • Wipe down closet shelves/rods.
    • Vacuum/mop all floors, rugs, and stairs,


    • Clean and shine all appliance exteriors,
    • Clean the microwave interior,
    • Clean the stove (drip pans, burner grates, control knobs),
    • Clean and sanitize the sink,
    • Clean the inside of all cabinets and drawers,
    • Clean the fridge (+$20),
    • Clean and shine countertops,
    • Wipe down cupboard fronts,
    • Wipe down baseboards.


    • Clean and sanitize showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets,
    • Clean and shine all mirrors,
    • Clean all countertops,
    • Wipe down cabinet fronts and baseboards,
    • Clean the inside of all cabinets and drawers.

    Get Your Home Cleaned

    Your home should be clean and sparkly all the time, but your personal life shouldn't suffer because of it. Let us do the "dirty" work for you.

    Houses Cleaned

    Offices Cleaned

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out some of the questions we often answer:

    Do you bring cleaning equipment?

    We provide all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to our cleaning technicians.

    If you have any preferences in regards to what cleaning products we use, feel free to let us know and we’ll do everything we can to work with your requests.

    What should I do before you arrive?

    To ensure maximum efficiency, we ask that you pick up any toys or clothing before we arrive. We also ask that you find a place for your pets so they’re comfortable while we clean. 

    What time does your team arrive?

    Our working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm during which we work to meet all clientscleaning requirements.

    While we cannot warranty our exact time of arrival because we give every home the attention it deserves and requires, we do offer arrival windows for your convenience.

    Why should I trust Always Sparkly Home?

    Our cleaning team arrives on time and in uniform with everything they need to clean your home. You can take comfort in knowing our maids receive a thorough background check and are fully insured.

    Do you always send the same housecleaners?

    We believe that it’s very important to always send the same team to clean your home and we do everything in our control to make this possible.

    If a member of your team is absent, we’ll do our best to find the most suitable replacement.

    Can I tip your housecleaners?

    While tips aren’t expected, we’re allowed to accept them. Some of our clients prefer to tip a little at the end of each service while others provide a large tip at the end of the year.