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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out our FAQs for a quick response to questions we hear often. For more, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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    What should I do before you arrive?

    To ensure maximum efficiency, we ask that you pick up any toys or clothing before we arrive. We also ask that you find a place for your pets so they’re comfortable while we clean.

    What time does your team arrive?

    Our working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm during which we work to meet all clientscleaning requirements.

    While we cannot warranty our exact time of arrival because we give every home the attention it deserves and requires, we do offer arrival windows for your convenience.

    Do you bring cleaning equipment?

    We provide all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to our cleaning technicians.

    If you have any preferences in regards to what cleaning products we use, feel free to let us know and we’ll do everything we can to work with your requests.

    What if I need to reschedule a service?

    From the very beginning, we will work with your schedule to ensure that we’re cleaning your home at a time that’s most convenient for you.

    If you need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning, we recommend that you call about 72 hours before your next scheduled service. We’ll do our best to accommodate all of your scheduling needs.

    Read more about our Rescheduling policy here.

    Where can I leave a review of your service?

    We value our customers’ opinions and it’s our customer feedback that has helped us become the best home cleaning company in the industry.

    You’re welcome to share your thoughts about our services on our official Facebook page.